About Us

Mr. Roberts formed Praetorian Properties in 2014 to coordinate his various real estate developments.

Praetorian creates and maximizes value by understanding the legal, economic, demographic and design considerations that affect the use of property.

Mr. Roberts’s interest in finding alternative uses for property considered obsolete and sometimes worthless goes back to his college days when SOMA (South Of Market Area) of San Francisco was no place to walk at night.  Today, SOMA has many of the most exciting and expensive developments in the Bay Area and the country.   The conversion of warehouses to live-work loft condominiums in 1991, discussed in more detail in “Past Projects”, launched the love affair with lofts that continues to be seen throughout the country.

Once upon a time, developers knew what they could develop on property by understanding the existing zoning regulations.  That time is long gone and the idea of building as a matter of right is a fiction.

It is most unusual for a developer to secure approvals on a non-discretionary basis.  As a result, entitlements generally play a larger role than any other consideration in determining value.

Entitlements—the land use process that determines the use to which a property may be put—is as much science as art. A thorough understanding of the legal issues and constraints created by zoning, the general and specific plan and environmental factors is indispensable and yet insufficient.

Without equal attention to and respect for the political issues that influence the planning commission and the people who make up the many related departments within local government that advise the planning commission, a developer is unlikely to secure the discretionary approvals invariably required in densely populated urban environments.

As a transactional real estate attorney, Mr. Roberts  often worked with other attorneys, architects, developers and consultants to secure the entitlements needed for a project.

Mr. Rice has more than 30 years of experience in working with and presenting projects to planning commissions and redevelopment agencies as well as state and federal agencies to procure entitlements for housing projects throughout the Bay Area.

Mr. Armas has spent most of his professional life dealing with these identical issues on behalf of local government and is a veritable encyclopedia on general and specific plans and procedure for the approval process.

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